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At Altair, we specialize in crafting engaging and effective curriculum solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of educators, schools, and organizations.

Our curriculum writing services are designed to empower educators using the latest teaching tools revolving around culturally responsive practices and promote student success by providing comprehensive and customized educational materials.

Our Curriculum Writing Services Include:

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We start by discussing your specific needs and goals in a free initial consultation.



Based on your input, we create a customized curriculum plan that fits your unique requirements.



Our team gets to work developing the curriculum, incorporating your feedback at every stage of the process.



Once the curriculum is complete, we deliver it to you in your preferred format, whether it's in print, digital, or both.

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What My Clients Say

  • Grade 11

    Natalia Magallanes
    I understood with more depth the history between Palestine and Israel, since there’s a lot of information in the internet and I didn’t know what was true or false.
  • Junior high school

    Florentina Cabrera Arias
    The western media does not reflect the reality of the conflict and that many laws as well as rights are being violated. Acts that are not being punished nor recognized by the international community whatsoever.
  • Teacher

    Mme Marie
    The information Ms. Shinnawi shared and the virtual museum visits had a great impact on how I understood this topic. The session was a vast and useful information on Muslim and Arab History in America and their contributions.
  • Learning Specialist

    Eileen Bilo
    There are BIG differences in the meanings of the words Arab and Muslim. Each is complex and multidimensional.
  • Assistant Principal

    Providing history, sharing personal experiences and offering ideas to use in the school in order to make it a safe space for our Muslim students to allow them to their authentic self.