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Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, toward the end of the Ottoman Empire’s control over Palestine.
Harnessing the Power of Visual Learning: Using Images to Teach Palestine

Teaching about Palestine requires a thoughtful approach. If not done with understanding, teaching ab...

September 28, 2023
Turning Points

INSPIRE. PRESERVE. RESIST. Our lives are defined by a series of turning points from which we learn, ...

April 3, 2023
Life lessons I learned from Pele.

Pele is a sports legend. Whether you are an avid fan of soccer, aka futbol, or not, I am pretty [&he...

October 9, 2022
Def Leppard are more than just a rock band to me.

Music has always been my solace, my safe space. Through music, I was able to learn about other peopl...

July 31, 2022
It all started here
Welcome to my blog!

I’m Gonna Tell You Anyway: all about the world of education, consulting, life as a Muslim hija...

July 23, 2022